7/2/18- Thank you all for the emails. I'm 99% sure i've got back to everyone. If not, my apologies. Just send another and I'll respond. I have many painting completeted in the last few years. I decided not to post them here for a variety of reasons. All the paintings on here are old and boring. be back soon :)

12/10/16- I'm holding off on posting the paintings completed this year. Thank you for the emails. Keep yourself.

3/20/16- Website Updated. More paintings to come as soon as I can post them.

1/4/15- Website updated.

9/29/14-New painting added to the art section.

mark paczkowski, oil painting, nirvana

6/29/14- New painting added to the art section.

mark paczkowski, oil painting, art

5/1/14- New painting added to the art section.

a sort of great void, mark paczkowski

3/25/14- New painting added to the art section.


2/16/14- New acrylic study added to the archive section. I probably spent a bit too much time on this large painting for a study- not too happy with the results on this one. Also, I removed a lot of my older/early drawings from the archive section. I do not feel they are necessary to show anymore. Thanks for the emails I've received- means a lot. :)


12/23/13- Website updated and new painting added.

optimistic voices, mark paczkowski, house on haunted hill, film, art, painting

11/26/13- New painting added.

private traps, hyperrealism, painting

10/5/13- New painting and archived works added.

this side of paradise

9/15/13- Website updated. New paintings and drawings in art section. More updates soon!


8/20/13- Website under contruction. Links and images should be up soon. A variety of older works and studies (both drawings and painting) will be in the archive section.